An exquisite essay by one of our leading naturalists

Tuesday 4th June 2024

The Summer Meadow: Forty Acres of Shared Earth by Miriam Darlington

What could be more evocative of heady summer days than a meadow in all its blowy, flowery glory?

In this exquisite prose essay, leading naturalist Miriam Darlington takes us deep into the heart of a local meadow in her beloved Devon. She describes how a “drained and threadbare place” is regenerated, how it slowly fills with flowers, insects, mammals and birds until it is teeming with life – a “patchwork of heaven”.

The meadow does its own work, but it is helped by human hands – something that creates a passionate bond between the writer and this special habitat. There are many kinds of meadow, we are told. By paying close attention to the particular, a treasured place is brought to life in all its vivid and unique beauty.

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