Since 2008, when Candlestick Press was set up, we have had some lovely reviews in the press, some thumbs-ups on the radio and via internet blogs and some very gratifying feedback from people who have either bought our pamphlets themselves or been given them by others. We list a selection below.

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  • “By the way I have become almost Evangelical about the pamphlets! Everyone I know has got one. I’m just stopping short of thrusting them on people I don’t know but who look as if they need a poetry break.”

    Liz O’Sullivan, Dovegreyreader Chapter, Candlestick Collective

  • “I also enjoyed the fact that the anthology made me smile, reflect, ponder, laugh out loud, learn and admire — admire eggs, chicks, chickens and poets! I even found myself thinking that a good poetry pamphlet has all the satisfaction of an egg boiled to perfection and sitting in its egg-cup alongside buttered toast.”

    Customer Review, ‘Twelve Poems about Chickens’, August 2015

  • "I have often seen Candlestick Press pamphlets and wondered whether I should send one, but now I definitely will because these have brought me enormous pleasure since they arrived, and I feel sure would bring pleasure to others too." To read dovegreyreaders wonderful review, visit Candlestick Press - dovegreyreader scribbles

    Dovegreyreader, June 2015

  • "This divine collection of knitting-inspired poems is essential when curling up with a cup of tea in the sunny afternoons. It comes in the style of a greetings card, along with an envelope and bookmark for your message, and will be far more appreciated than your average card. We think this pamphlet is perfect for someone in your knitting circle or a newcomer to the hobby."

    Let's Knit Magazine, March 2015

  • "Genius. We still do really well with your whole range and this is a great addition! Well done. Look forward to selling lots of these this year."

    Feedback about 'Ten Poems about Knitting' from independent bookshop, January 2015

  • A friend in Scotland sent me "Ten Poems from Scotland" and it's the most exciting anthology I've read in years (and I've read a lot of very fine anthologies). The selection and the presentation (maybe all poetry should be published in pamphlets of no more than 20 pages?) were made and done brilliantly.

    Customer Review of 'Ten Poems from Scotland' received August 2014

  • "wonderfully designed with bold but unobtrusive illustrations...the beauty of these trim volumes is that they engage the reader of any age.  Poetry...should always rouse something playful in our imagination."

    Review of children's range, Lunar Poetry, August 2014

  • "Being both poetical and generous by nature, I have always enjoyed the poetry pamphlets produced by Candlestick Press that make excellent gifts in place of a card. I was thrilled to learn that they have just brought out a new children’s series, with each title complete with a ‘This poem belongs to’ page and a complimentary sticker. I am currently reciting Ogden Nash’s poem [The Tale of Custard the Dragon] to the family every evening."    

    Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road, March 2014

  • "The booklet is a work of art in its own right and a fabulous gift to friends or family with rich treasures hidden inside its beautiful pages. With ten thoughtful poems, each likely to stimulate a wonderful dream-filled night of sleep, there will be something for everyone. Unfortunately I enjoyed them so much I gorged myself the first night and read them all! I am sure we will sell a great number of these books and it is one I am certain to recommend."

    A Bookseller, Waterstones 2013

  • "...quietly classy..."

    Online customer, September 2013

  • "Ellie loved the Ghosts pamphlet which she read last night in bed (wooooooo) and has taken it with her today to show to her Nanna. She has drawn a ghost picture in the space provided and is planning to write poems about ghosts and skeletons today. She has informed me that she needs to collect the whole series..."

    Claire, customer, September 2013

  • "These pamphlets make perfect little gifts, probably even for people who don’t think they like poetry."

    Nick Jarvis

  • " is a fabulous idea, and a great way to be introduced to new poets and get a taste of their work."

    A bookseller, August 2013

  • "Each immaculate twelve-page poetry collection is themed (dogs, cats, tea, birds, bicycles, puddings, lovely unusual things that will mean and convey something to both givers and recipients) and at £4.95 as reasonable as any gift card, and far better perhaps for being the card that keeps on giving rather than the one that goes in the bin."


  • "I was looking forward to this collection and I have not been disappointed, definitely one of your best. The poems bring back so many happy memories of my seven aunts, each one a character in her own right."

    Linus Lyszkowska, online customer, May 2013

  • "I have had great success the last two years giving out your Christmas pamphlets in lieu of presents to close friends."

    Mary Bernadette Jackson, online customer, December 2012

  • "...a Christmas card and gift in one."

    Londonist, December 2012

  • "A wonderful alternative to a Christmas card or stocking filler for the poetry lover."

    The Lady, November 2012

  • "My major problem is keeping my own copy of 'Christmas poems' unopened until Christmas! I usually sneak away for a short quiet time, away from the chaos, to enjoy."

    Lesley B., online customer, November 2012

  • "small, beautifully crafted poetry pamphlets that serve both as books and greeting cards... an unusual - and fresh - way of promoting poetry. "

    Podium Cafe, September 2012

  • "This new poetry pamphlet 'instead of a With Sympathy card' offers thirty poems, which express the things you would like to be able to say if only you could find the right words. This book of moving and beautiful poems offers an alternative to a sympathy card for people who have been recently bereaved."

    Southwell Folio, September 2012

  • " well as buying copies for friends - and that is principally what [Ten Poems about Bicycles] is, a rich but inexpensive gift to give - make sure you buy a copy for yourself. Like the bicycle itself it's something that will take you to places new and familiar and with which you'll enjoy repeated journeys."

    Feargal McKay, Podium Cafe, September 2012

  • "This is the latest in a series of beautiful little poetry books published by Nottingham-based Candlestick Press."

    David Whetstone, The Journal, May 2012

  • "The sheep poems are chosen by Neil Astley, exceptional editor of large anthologies, who manages this miniature example with typical panache. ... Ten Poems About Sheep is a must have must read little wonder."

    Michael Mackmin, The Rialto blog, April 2012

  • "... Once we get much past the age of five, it’s very hard to find a novel about a happy mother-child relationship. ... Luckily, publishers have cannily worked around this problem to come up with very straightforward Mother’s Day presents from grown-up children. Keep Calm for Mums with its garish bright pink cover is an easy option. Classier, is Candlestick Press’s rather lovely pamphlet Ten Poems about Mothers."

    Emily Rhodes, The Spectator Books Blog, March 2012

  • "Candlestick Press... is doing a wonderful job of making poetry enjoyable and special."

    Annalisa King, Bundle of Books blog, February 2012

  • "Instead of buying cards of varying degrees of quality and taste, for £4.95 you get a handsomely presented, crisply printed anthology of ten or 12 poems, on various themes, plus a bookmark and a decent envelope."

    Jeremy Lewis, Nottinghamshire Today, December 2011

  • "...a rich, meaty and complex offering... likely to renew the recipient's enthusiasm for gardening and poetry."

    House & Garden, December 2011

  • "It's also good to be able to post light things to overseas... my favourite things in this category usually come from Candlestick Press."

    Clare Dwyer Hogg, Gathered from Coincidence blog, November 2011

  • "Have I told you lately that we love you? Tea & Pudding pamphlets looking very jolly in the shop."

    Scottish Poetry Library Shop, Twitter, November 2011

  • "...a coup for independent publishing... not so much a book, more a highbrow greetings card..."

    Robert McCrum, The Observer, October 2011

  • "[Ten Poems about Dogs]...all in all, a great tribute to our canine companions"

    'Your Dog' magazine, September 2011

  • "We keep  your books on our counter - our customers think they are a wonderful idea!"

    Hungerford Bookshop, July 2011

  • "...the literary equivalent of an iPod shuffle..."

    Ian MacMillan on 'The Verb', Radio 3, June 2011

  • "...a bit of a marketing sensation...a different way of getting poetry to people"

    Claire Allfree, on 'The Verb', Radio 3, June 2011

  • "Your pamphlets are a huge and amazing delight, absolutely brilliant"

    online customer, May 2011

  • "Ten Poems about Tea ... is delightful...the greatest fun: the afternoon equivalent of a pub crawl - a tea-party totter - in which each brew is different and the cast keeps changing... .  In Eavan Boland's contribution, 'In Season', there is no living is a poor man's 'Ode on a Grecian Urn' and that is its charm. "

    Kate Kellaway, The Observer, Poetry Book of the Month, March 2011

  • “...Candlestick Press's lovely new pamphlet, Ten Poems about Tea...has fairy cakes and scones from a wide-range of poets.  There is also John Arlott, cricket commentator and poet, taking tea with his aunts as a small boy before the war...”

    Alex Renton, The Times, February 2011

  • Ten Poems about Tea is here and it is gorgeous!”

    Scottish Poetry Library, February 2011

  • “One poem or two?  Not in any way a substitute for the real thing, but a charming thought none the less – the Candlestick Press’s pamphlet Ten Poems about Tea is introduced by Sophie Dahl (who likes hers white, no sugar) and comes with an envelope and bookmark left blank for special messages.”

    Carolyn Hart, Telegraph Magazine, February 2011

  • “‘Tea’ themed presents are having a bit of a moment in my household ... we’re big tea drinkers you see.  This little poetry gem ... looks more like my kind of thing, and I plan on sticking it under the Husband’s nose prior to Valentine’s day, in the hope that he gets the hint, or, at the very least makes me a brew ... I’m not on commission, I just like charming little things like this.”

    Alexandra O'Toole

  • “There's great charm in small, beautifully produced anthology-booklets of poetry, and the Candlestick Press of Beeston, Nottingham has several delightful themed offerings.... They're ideal for gifts, and for converting reluctant prosy types and ebook junkies into strokable paper and fine-printing aficionados.”

    Marge Clouts, The Guardian Online, 'Readers recommend their favourite books of 2010', January 2011

  • “As a happy alternative to the card problem, you might send someone the appealing seasonal package put together by the Candlestick Press.... I can't think of anyone, except perhaps the "Merry Christmas, arsehole" revellers, who wouldn't be delighted to receive this lovely collection of voices.”

    John Walsh, The Independent, December 2010

  • “...the pamphlets are beautifully produced and illustrated and make an excellent small present or substitute for an expensive card...” Read the full review here.

    Slightly Foxed

  • “Recent periodical publications include Volume Two of The Twelve Poems of Christmas... .  As last year, the idea is to send the attractive pamphlet with poems by Wendy Cope, Thomas Hardy and others, instead of a Christmas card...”

    Times Literary Supplement

  • “...the small and stylish independent publisher Candlestick Press.”

    The Poetry Trust

  • “...perfect for those of you with a thoughtful imagination and a craving for beauty.”

    Left Lion, April-May 2009

  • “Many thanks for the pamphlets received today. We think they are quite delightful and beautifully put together and we hope that this novel approach to publishing poetry in such an original way will be a great success for you.”

    Maurice Bott, customer

  • “Lovely pamphlets!”

    Homa Khaleeli, The Guardian

  • “here's to the Candlestick Press, long may it illuminate.”

    Jeff Cloves, recipient of Ten Poems about Bicycles

  • “Credit crunch essential a thoughtful stand-in for a card.”

    The Guardian

  • “Hats off to Candlestick Press for one of the most charming innovations to have crossed my desk in these difficult times.”

    Robert McCrum, The Observer

  • “When I was approached by the tiny Candlestick Press to pen a short introduction to one of its charming ‘poetry pamphlets’ - a little collection of poems to send to someone instead of a greetings card - I couldn't resist. ‘Ten Poems about Puddings’ sounded just what I would like to drop through the letterbox on my birthday.”

    Nigel Slater, 'Poetry on a Plate', The Observer Magazine

"the perfect, longer-lasting alternative to a mainstream greeting card."Mslexia
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