Ten Pre-Raphaelite Poems

Various Authors

The Pre-Raphaelites were radicals; they took the mid-nineteenth century by storm with their paintings and poems that both harked back to the Middle Ages for inspiration and also tried to be unflinchingly honest in their ‘truth to Nature’.   As Dr Ruth Robbins points out in her Introduction, they shocked Victorian audiences with their open expressions of emotion and sensuality.  They created a new and extraordinary aesthetic, and were of central importance to the emerging Arts and Crafts Movement.


Christina Rossetti, ‘Song’, ‘A Birthday’, ‘The First Spring Day’ and ‘Remember’
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, ‘The Hill Summit’, ‘Silent Noon’ and ‘The Cloud Confines’
William Morris, ‘Summer Dawn’ and ‘The Message of the March Wind’
Algernon Swinburne, ‘Love and Sleep’

Cover image from a cartoon for stained glass by William Morris.

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