Ten Poems about Nottingham

Various Authors

Nottingham’s history includes world-famous tales of Robin Hood, a castle that has been burnt down not once, but twice (an indication of the rebelliousness with which Nottingham has always been associated), famed Nottingham ale – new micro-breweries still flourish in the county – and other industries including mining and bicycle manufacture.

Ten Poems about Nottingham presents images of Nottingham, rural and urban, from the eighteenth century to the present day.  With a broad brushstroke and considerable wit, John Lucas’ selection culminates in Wayne Burrows’ account of the present-day stag and hen parties whose antics enliven the city centre, to the amusement of onlookers.  It is arguably the best (the only?) poem ever written on the subject:

‘…and in all this, between folk memory, amnesia and marketing,
the men in orange and yellow striped lycra tights
and the men in fishnet stockings and silk suspender belts
are still calling to the women wearing pink lace fairy wings.’

From ‘The Second Time as Farce’ by Wayne Burrows

John Lucas is a distinguished Nottingham academic, writer and publisher.

Cover illustration by Sarah Kirby.

Poems by
Wayne Burrows
Derrick Buttress
Joan Downar
Rosie Garner
‘Mr Gemthorpe’
Cathy Grindrod
D. H. Lawrence
Vernon Scannell
Deborah Tyler-Bennett
Henry Kirke White

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