Poems celebrating winter’s stark beauty

Poems celebrating winter’s stark beauty

Published on Thursday 26 November 2020

Winter seems to divide opinion more than any other season; we love it or we definitely don’t! The poems in this mini-anthology are guaranteed to delight readers of every persuasion; we encounter muddy walks, ice-skating, cosy fires, chilblains and even a snow pudding.

There’s also a Skype meeting between a child and a grandparent – a poignant reminder that distance from a loved one can mean living in different seasons.

This title completes our beautiful seasonal quartet, making a sumptuous collection of four spanning the whole year. Each pamphlet – or indeed the complete set – makes an ideal gift for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and more…

"By the way I have become almost Evangelical about the pamphlets! Everyone I know has got one. I’m just stopping short of thrusting them on people I don’t know but who look as if they need a poetry break."Liz O’Sullivan, Dovegreyreader Chapter, Candlestick Collective