Hold onto your Easter bonnets!

Thursday 28th March 2024

Candlestick Press

What better time to highlight our recent title Ten Poems about Hats which contains headgear galore – everything from trilbies to cloches?

James Tate’s prose poem ‘The List of Famous Hats’ takes a turn for the very surreal by describing Napoleon’s bathing cap (which “he had to Vaseline his skull like crazy to … get on”).

Exeter-based hat-maker Felicity Shillingford was so struck by the quirkiness of this idea that she went ahead and made the bathing cap, which is on display at her current exhibition at the newly-reopened Hat Works Museum in Stockport. And she also made a little film which she’s shared with us.

Essential viewing for anyone wanting inspiration for a bathing cap with a difference!

Ten Poems about Hats

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