Candlestick Press does not invite submissions; we commission researchers to find poems for us and if your work has been published, it will automatically be considered along with other published poems when we research a theme.  You are very welcome to send us reference copies of your published work for our central resource library if you wish.

If your work has not been published and you are looking to place it with an appropriate publisher, we suggest starting with the Poetry Library website (or, better still, if you are in London, visit the Poetry Library itself), which has listings of book publishers and magazines that publish poetry.  The Poetry Society website also lists poetry book publishers and magazines, and you can ask for their advice about poetry groups in your area.

If you are thinking of publishing your poems privately, then we recommend Ellingham Press, which produces books and pamphlets to a high standard and published the Much Wenlock Poetry Festival anthologies in 2011 and 2012.  To ensure that your poems have an internet presence, you may also wish to contact Firebird Poetry.

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