Ten Poems about Love

Various Authors

Ten perspectives on the longing and pain, delight, infatuation and lasting happiness that answer to the name of ‘love’.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, wedding or civil ceremony guest ‘favours’, anniversaries or for anyone in love.

Includes poems by Wendy Cope, U.A. Fanthorpe, Miroslav Holub, Louis MacNeice, Charlotte Mew, William Shakespeare and Stevie Smith.

i spell it out on this fridge door
you are so wonderful
i even like th way you snor

by Wendy Cope


Christopher Marlowe, The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
Louis MacNeice, Meeting Point
Charlotte Mew, I So Liked Spring
Stevie Smith, Conviction (iv)
Thomas Moore, Quantum est quod desit (To the brink but no further)
Miroslav Holub, Love
William Shakespeare, Sonnet 29
U.A. Fanthorpe, Atlas
Jane Holland, They are a Tableau at the Kissing-Gate
Wendy Cope, Magnetic

Illustrated by Lizzie Adcock.

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"As well as the usual pink and red haze of cards... I found ten love poems in a pristine white envelope."London Evening Standard
"...the love poems should help you sidestep Hallmark cheesiness on Valentine’s Day..."The Guardian

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