Welcome to our children’s pamphlets!

We have been longing to bring out some titles aimed at children, and are thrilled that our children’s range is up and running. More titles will follow – dragons, pirates, creepy crawlies, eccentric teachers, cows in lifts and exploding Nonny-birds, you name it! We have teamed up with some wonderful illustrators (the children’s pamphlets have colour pictures throughout) and we hope that children will love the realio, trulio fantastic poems we have chosen.

The pamphlets are suitable for children of all ages, including those of us hoping to pass ourselves off as grown-ups… and we hope you will treat the favourite children in your lives to them. They also make a perfect ‘Instead of a Party Bag’ to take home after parties, to read with birthday cake in hand.

Most pamphlets £4.95 + P&P

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