The Twelve Poems of Christmas (Volume Eight)

Various Authors

Adding to our previous seven volumes of poems for Christmas selected by the Poet Laureate, this eighth title again brings in the season in true Candlestick fashion. In a year of considerable and unexpected turbulence, this selection of twelve Christmas poems shines like the splendid, hopeful beacon of the opening poem, John Keats’ ‘Bright Star!’. With three new poems, including an extraordinary new poem by Carol Ann Duffy herself, the musicality of the selection keeps breaking out. From a lullaby to a new baby to bells chiming the New Year and pipers welcoming it in, poetry ‘goes on rising to the challenge of singing above the chaos.’

“We velveted our love with fantasy
Down a long vista-row of Christmas trees
Whose coloured candles slowly guttered down
As grandchildren came trooping round our knees”

from ‘The Christmas Robin’ by Robert Graves

Poems by Carol Ann Duffy, Robert Graves, Vona Groarke, David Harsent, John Keats, Liz Lochhead, Sinead Morrissey, Dennis O’Driscoll, Mark Pajak, Stevie Smith and Michael Symmons Roberts.

Cover illustration by Lizzie Adcock.
Donation to UNICEF

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