Ten Poems about Robins

Ten Poems about Robins

Published on Tuesday 23 October 2018

What is it about robins that makes them so easy to love? Is it the jaunty red breast? Or the fact that they have been known to build their nests in kettles, boots, coat pockets and even under car bonnets – places that seem to suggest a wish to be close to our human world? Perhaps it’s because they appear to want to keep us company by perching close by while we’re gardening or flitting alongside us when we’re out on a walk.

Hamish Whyte’s delightful selection comes with a limited edition poem postcard and explores the countless ways in which these endearing and cheerful birds brighten our lives. These are poems that will charm and delight throughout the year – just like the robin’s beautiful song, which can be heard even in the darkest days of winter.

  • Celebrating the glory of trees

    Celebrating the glory of trees

    Published on Monday 4 March 2019

    Many of us have a favourite tree.  It may be one we remember from childhood – a tree we loved to climb in or swing from or hide behind. Or perhaps it’s one of the ancient and majestic yews or oaks that stand sentinel in churchyards and on village greens, hardly seeming to change as […]

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  • Poems exploring the warp and weft of marriage

    Poems exploring the warp and weft of marriage

    Published on Monday 4 February 2019

    “If ever two were one, then surely we.” So says the seventeenth-century poet Anne Bradstreet. These days, her portrayal of the marriage bond as one of unconditional mutual devotion might underestimate the complexity of the husband/wife relationship. The other poems in this vivid and entertaining mini-anthology – published just in time for Valentine’s Day – […]

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  • It’s never too early for a poem

    It’s never too early for a poem

    Published on Wednesday 30 January 2019

    Some of us skip breakfast protesting that it’s too early to eat. But it can never be too early for a poem, and this enticing selection offers delights that anyone would wish to be awake for – including three new poems that were winners in our breakfast poem competition. Billy Collins buzzing around his house […]

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